The right way to start a company
Sam Gerstenzang

There is so much to say here that I barely know where to get started. A point of me wants to say that there is so much disparity in what is being written because it sounds a lot like me, being upset with the world and myself that I don’t think I look like how I think other successes look.

On the flip side, I see all the potential of someone who doesn’t just understand the game, but they understand the meta-game. If I understand how the following is meant to be used, I think I should say “Cloud and Dirt”. You’re playing that high spot but you’ve got the ground level stuff going on.

This is encouraged by your closing statement, promising the leap. Like, don’t you get it? You’ve stumbled on the “click”. It’s being self-aware of your success, whatever that success is.

I wish I had it with me, some audio recording or writing piece I had done, but I’ll paraphrase the good part…

To the guy who built Walmart, Costco, Proctor and Gamble.. Do you think they woke up one day and decided they were going to take over the world? Nope. And do you think when they got there, that ‘there’ was a thing they knew existed? Nope. It’s the journey.

Because there is no multi-millionaire who woke up today and said “Ahh, yes. I did these 1 to 10 things and now I’m rich. Oh lookie, that’s the last mark on my check list!”

It’s somewhat paradoxical that I can feel both lost and found at the same time, but this is where I start to look inward and ask myself, why do I need “ the click”. Why do I feel like there will be some moment of awe that defines my entire journey and validates all my work?

Anyways, that’s about what I had rolling around in my head. I connected. Good honest writing here. Thank you.

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