What is coaching?

Coaching is the art of providing a new perspective to your client. In different types of therapies there are philosophies that are followed, such as where root problems persist from, the role of the therapist and the objective of the session. When it comes to coaching, the generally accepted concept is that a coach is there to provide you with support, similar to a friend, ask you questions and hold you accountable.

Most coaching philosophies suggest that a coach is required to understand your particular subject since you as the client already have the answers you require to work through your own therapies, but you require alternative views that help unlock and show you the solution you’re seeking.

This seems complicated but it suggests that coaching is no more than verbal affirmations and active listening, assuming that the client does not have a disease or otherwise untreatable chronic issue using reflection techniques. With that being said, a coach might be considered nothing more than a sounding board, which sometimes they are, but their personal experiences and methods prove them to be the difference that most of us need to break through mental blockages and other barriers.

You and your coach should get along. The goal of every coach is to discover their client and provide, passively or otherwise, solutions. We’re not here to judge or be over paid, we’re here to help you. If we’re not helping, then the relationship should be ended, and you decide whether or not our services are rendering usefulness.

Originally published at chrisdoiron.tumblr.com.

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