You do not need negativity

There is no reason to focus on negativity. One day however, I will find the right way to explain how it’s important to have an open mind and be CAPABLE of seeing negativity without giving it the wrong type of focus. Today, this is the reason why there is reason to discuss some of the trending tweets I found.

The purpose of CADs Academy is to help human progression and I was sadly taken aback by how many people I feel might be in need of a little positivity in their lives. Please note, I have no idea who these people are, the context in which the tweets are written, or any of the backstory of anything related to the trend.

What I do know is, as a human peering into the trend from the outside, it seems there was a LOT of negativity and this gave the opportunity for me to feel like I could do something about it. I want to share this journey with you, in the event that it might help you get passed something that’s blocking you from progressing.

First off, let’s do some research. I’m talking about the hashtag trend #StoryOfMyLifeIn4Words

What and where did this trend come from?

According to this image, it’s been trending for the last couple hours. It might have something to do with one direction since it’s close to a song name they have.

So, we know an idea of what is happening here. Chances are it has to do with one direction and otherwise, it has no obvious backstory. So, what are all the tweets about?

Like I said above, most of them are sad sounding. My goal today is to go through a handful that I found on the front page of the trend and simply discuss them. I want to talk about the tweets and show how (Assuming they are meant the way I’m reading them), there are other ways to see life. I’m being a bit of a remote life coach so to speak.

Before we begin, please note that I found a positive tweet and couldn’t resist supporting it. Thank you

Let me also mention as I re-read some of the tweets. They’re not all about sadness and negativity. In fact, now that I’m re-reading them, I’m realizing that this is the way that I’M seeing the tweets. I just looked over this one below here, and you can see the two thoughts I had about it.

Thought 1: This tweet makes me feel like this person is just someone who cares about partying and doesn’t really have much to look forward to.

Thought 2: However, it could also be seen as someone who works really hard and missed the weekend they had.

Interestingly enough, I was building this post because I wanted to complain about how negative people were being and how sad everyone sounded. But as I put myself into a more positive frame of mind, getting ready to help them, I realize that I was the one being negative.

The assumption that they were being negative, was negative. Let’s take a look at a few others.

Images were lost/removed.

This girl here I thought was just being sad because she was more concerned about fictional characters than she was about her own life. This is an assumption made however on a four word sentence which has nothing to do with her.

In fact, the reason that I thought this of her was because I was comparing her four words to the logic of some people that I’ve met in life who actually care more about fictional characters than themselves.

That wasn’t fair of me. So, where else did I go wrong? This guy seemed to be a bum or pathetic guy who couldn’t get a job. Here is another one crying about fake animals. Here is another one who wants more off time than on time. Here is another that reminds me of girls who hurt themselves because of celebrity garbage. Here is one that is more concerned about entertainment than going about her life in the real world.

Unfortunately, the list just goes on and on about how judgemental I was being and how much negativity I was picking through all these tweets. Below are more tweets that I imaged, but I won’t bother commenting on them. What I do want to do is explain the lesson I’m taking from this.

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