Medium is Broken
A.H. Chu

We’re all missing the point

You’ve written so much that it’s hard to comment on it all, for all the points but here is my addition. You’re right and you’re wrong. We’ve all seem to written about how disfunctional Medium is. I have, CamMi Pham, Yann, this one and that one. I’ve commented on them, followed them and even said in my own stories that people should stop recommending because it’s more damaging than useful.

The only reason Medium is anywhere is because of the influence, money and all that other junk I don’t understand. There are many writers and readers and something will need to change.

I’ll say this however, doing it organically won’t work. You’re writing this like I did, as a petition for people to use it properly. It wont’ work. Every case where people are able to use something that doesn’t belong to them, they kick, smash, blame, toss around and abuse.

If this was MY million dollar baby, I’d be making some serious changes. Fact is, Ev Williams is not being the captain he needs to be. His fault? No clue. To be frank, I don’t care.

Right now, Medium works just fine. You write, it gets posted. Don’t like the fact that your stories are not going front page? Manage your silo, get out, and market your material. Every person who complains/offers advice on how to manage Medium is essentially whining about the frontage not being their friend. It was never meant to be.

Yes, discovery is broken. But discovery and advertising are two different things. There IS a search bar.. Just use that if you want new content.

So here are the two points I’m concluding on:

  1. Want to get your stuff seen? Learn how to do it. Other people have and you have the same opportunities (You, as in a generalization)
  2. Want to see new stuff, use the search function

Problem Solved