Turn to 2 Wheels and a motor for a fun and efficient commute

Why are more and more people turning to 2 wheels and a motor to fuel their commute?

Imagine the sense of satisfaction as you navigate your moped through a long queue of cars standing still in traffic, each one filled with increasingly late and angry passengers. The light turns green, and you ease away leaving the 4 wheeled fools staring at your taillight in awe and frustration. In no time you rock up to the office feeling fresh and alert whilst your colleagues relying on other commuting methods turn up late to the Monday morning meeting muttering expletives and excuses about leaves on the track.

It’s moments like these that make swapping the train seat for the saddle oh so sweet.

In the UK, more commuter motorcycles were sold in 2015 than the last 30 years* as the amount of people wising up to commuting on motorised two wheels continues to rise. If you’re wondering why the devil that is the case, well, here are some fast facts for you:

  • It’s a lot faster than driving a car — 4 wheel traffic means nothing to the moped master.
  • It is effortless compared to public transport — no more being squeezed under armpits on the tube!
  • it’s less physical than cycling so your won’t have trembling thighs for the first few and last few hours of the day.
  • It’s pretty damn cheap. A moped typically uses around 55%-81% less fuel than a car for the same journey*; insurance on a moped is significantly lower than a car and parking is cheap (£3.50 a week in central London where there are nearly 1000 parking bays).
  • You can wear pretty much anything you like on a moped. Your favourite pencil skirt, or those chinos the girl in HR likes. And there are some great brands making really cool clothing and accessories.
  • Another big plus is that mopeds are allowed in bus lanes in London (unless they’re marked otherwise certain boroughs).
  • It feels great and, if you get the right moped, it looks pretty damn cool too.

But before you scoot to the nearest moped showroom, you should put the brakes on (sorry) for a second, as you need to consider a few things first.

Number one: you kind of need to know how to drive, but that’s easy. The pesky authorities, however, won’t believe you can drive without proof. You need at least a provisional driving license and a CBT certificate (Compulsory Basic Training) comes in. You to complete that unless you’ve passed your driving test before the 1st of February 2001. It takes a few yours and centres are all over the place. Then you can shove an L sign on any moped or small motorcycle up-to a 125cc engine and you’re almost ready to go. (Read all the details here:

Number two: make sure your vehicle is taxed and insured before hitting the road

Number three: Wear decent kit. The helmet, for instance, is more than a safety device these days. There are some really amazing looking helmets out there. Here’s a selection of my favourite (click the names to visit their sites)

Hedon | Bell | Nexx | BiltwillPremier

So there you are. It only takes is a few steps to join the revolution. Follow them and you could be zipping to and from work on a moped rather than following the rest of the rat race into the next traffic jam, or on to another delayed train.

PS: eBikes

If this still sounds like a bit too much effort, or if you don’t feel 100% comfortable sitting on a throbbing 125cc engine, then electric bikes might be the perfect alternative. You don’t need a licence, insurance or registration to ride it. And electric bikes are also allowed on cycle lanes!

Watch out for my next piece which will be all about those intersting E-bikes.

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