The Best Breakfast In London — Lovely!

Here’s where to find the best breakfast joints in London, especially for commuters on 2 wheels. The breakfast you deserve awaits!

Surely you need to eat this!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for a commuter (which you probably are!). It’s even more important for the commuter on 2 wheels.

Steering your two-wheeled stead through traffic to work in the morning requires attention, alertness and energy. After all, you’re not performing the traditional zombie commute en masse on public transport. Instead every morning has the potential to be a new adrenaline filled adventure. All in all, a high-quality breakfast is essential to fuel a cheerful start to the day.

Even though commuting on two-wheels is pretty fun, we’re not all massive fans of early starts, and as a result mornings can become a grey routine you rush through every day. Luckily we happen to live in a city that has so many morning enlightenment options that that the only thing you should be calling grey is the Autumn sky.

I suggest you spice up your daily commute and pamper yourself by making a pit stop to one of the coffee shops below on your way to work. What’s better than having someone serve you delicious freshly-made breakfast accompanied with a perfectly balanced double espresso while you sit back and focus on your taste buds? And once you’re done and the clock starts counting down to desk’o’clock, you can walk off, leaving the dishes behind for someone else to take care of.

I can thoroughly vouch for the list as I have tried and tested all 6 of these restaurants/cafes… and my waistline knows all about it!

Canteen — Simple stuff done Stupendously Well

Best for Simple, traditional stuff done ruddy well!


Open from 7.30am


Best for a very different breakfast experience

139 Brick Lane

Open from 8am

To see the rest of the list, which might surprise you, and and an added hint please click here

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