“E School” Mission Statement

Grade levels: 6–8 commuter, 9–12 optional boarding

The school is meant to provide as open a learning environment as possible, while preparing students to skip college and go directly into “the real world” with solid programming skills and social awareness. The curriculum deviates somewhat from the typical college prep curriculum, while still providing students with the foundational skills necessary for college admission, should they choose to apply to college. Critically, the curriculum is designed to allow students to work at top technology companies straight out of high school.

Academic Principles:

— Programming should be a basic requirement. After 8th grade, all students should be confident in C, and have had exposure to assembly language at the level of Stanford’s CS 107.

— Math should be merged with an extensive, rigorous, and creative algorithms curriculum (6–12).

— In addition to a traditional English curriculum, media studies (6–12) should be taught primarily through music and video, drawing on Hollywood canon, as a means of increasing contemporary social awareness. Speeches, movies, performances, slideshows, and multimedia essays should be taken as serious presentational forms alongside traditional written essays and exams.

— The history/social studies curriculum should be modified to better orient students to a diverse global perspective, with an emphasis on world history and world religion.