Most American teenagers look forward to their prom day, where they can enjoy the company of friends and have a wonderful night that they all can remember together. In high schools everywhere there are always some students who do not get to go, or experience the full prom experience. Unfortunately, with the growing number of special needs children in our country, there is a chance that some of these children and teenagers will never get that chance to experience their high school prom. But thanks to former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow and The Tim Tebow Foundation they were finally able to get that chance.

Since opening in 2010, the Tim Tebow Foundation has done a lot for all types of people. This past weekend, its efforts spread worldwide this past weekend when Tebow hosted over 32,000 special needs individuals at 200 “Night to Shine” prom events all over the globe. The events took place in over 48 states and eight countries. There were over 70,000 volunteers, which means that there were over 100,000 people in attendance overall.

The Night to Shine prom parties were held at various churches, along with a full prom ensemble. To make this experience even more special, Tebow made sure that they received the entire royal treatment including a red carpet with cameras flashing, hair and makeup being done, shoe shining stations, corsages and boutonnieres for all. Each of the parties had karaoke and dancing, and if you were one of the luck individuals who attended the prom in Haiti or in New York, you were able to hangout with Tebow himself.

Each of the events were held at a church because of one of the core values of the Tim Tebow Foundation which is that faith has been a major part of Tebow’s life since his parents brought him up with a very strong faith in Jesus and God. So since the opening in 2010 his mission has been to give back and make a difference in people’s lives. Since then they have helped orphans, granted wishes and built playrooms in hospitals. Below you can see a photo of the event and how Tebow interacted with some of the individuals.

Organizations like this, such as the Make-A-Wish, are making the lives of individuals exceptionally special. These organizations are some of the most popular non profits because of the type of work that they do and the ways that people are benefitting. What do you think about these types of organizations, and how they benefit all types of people? To learn more about the event and the Tim Tebow Foundation you can click here.

photo submitted by (Twitter/Tim Tebow Foundation)


A big step is being taken for families who have a family member with special needs and that is in the form of a redesigned cart created by Drew Ann Long, called “Caroline’s Cart”. This cart was created and inspired by a six-year-old girl with Rhett syndrome, a nervous system disorder that causes multiple disabilities. This cart was designed because Caroline’s mother found it increasingly difficult to use her daughter’s wheelchair and the shopping cart at the same time. So she made it her mission to develop a cart that can not only help her transport her daughter throughout the store but can also hold groceries as well.

With these carts, Target hopes to gain more business from families with special needs, as well as, growing support from those affected by having a family member with special needs. They are setting themselves up for increased future success by being the first major store to put Caroline’s Cart nationwide.

This idea about making needs specific carts, as well as other things is necessary for our culture. There are all different types of products and amenities that are made specifically for a type of person or for a group of people, so why not make shopping carts for a particular reason as well. Shopping, and especially grocery shopping, is a weekly task for many Americans. So for someone who has to push a wheelchair and a cart around at the same time, it could make a fairly simple task a very difficult one.

Long told TODAY, “My goal is for every retailer that has a shopping cart on their campus to have a Caroline’s Cart. If you’re going to provide for the able bodied, I believe you should also provide for the disabled.” Caroline’s Carts has a similar concept of parking spots, there are the regular ones as well as the handicapped ones closer to the store. It is just a matter of how they would give options like that for carts and now they have found their answer.

What started as a sketch on a napkin, a drive to succeed and a business degree she was able to create Caroline’s Carts. The story of Caroline’s Carts can be read here, as well a the video below that explains the background story about how these carts became what they are. This was an amazing PR move by Target to set themselves apart from competitors and appeal to those who need Caroline’s Cart in their lives.

Story behind Caroline’s Cart (video from www.al.com)