Swipe Right to Become my Technical Co-founder!

My ‘Tinder’ Search to find a Technical Co-founder for Marriage and a Shot at YCombinator

They say a business relationship is like finding a romantic partner, I feel the modern route is now my best option.

Finding a technical co-founder is hard, even more so in areas devoid of the requisite talent (see Aberdeen, Scotland). Sharing the same visions as a non-technical founder while also possessing the skills to realise the product ambition is neither straight forward or simple. I’m looking for someone whose skills are juxtaposed to my own and who’s ready to disrupt an entire industry while building another.

Here’s what I’m bring to the table

  • Design skills —Designed and implemented the branding and the aesthetics of the service
  • Marketing Skills — Successfully launched a VC funded startup across a whole country, involved in its growth from ~5,000 users to over 55,000
  • Idea Validation — 300+ users already provided full details in anticipation of the product launch
  • Domain Ownership — Purchased the domain and parked the landing page
  • Management Skills — Diverse experience across multiple sectors: been involved in early stage VC funded startups, managed £5m+ constructions projects internationally and advised on board of social enterprise responsible for finding affordable housing for 3,500+ people
  • Consultancy — Advised various startup on growth strategies ranging from early stage startup, established enterprises and £b+ Unicorns

Here’s what you to bring to the table

  • Technical skills, full stack, to create an app which autonomously compares a users current expenses to every others user and informs them how much they could save.
  • Autonomously renew expiring services at the lowest price available
  • One-click cancellation of all services

The Product

Cleeyks mission is to achieve the autonomous reduction of all your expenses. Users sit back while we save them money.

We will do this through the creation of a platform which exploits the intelligence supplied by a wide network of users to collectively bargain to reduce the costs for everyone.

Initially this will focus on recurring monthly expenses — Satellite/Cable TV, Mobile phone contracts, car insurance, home insurance, home energy bills, broadband, home phone and subscription services — but eventually it has wider applications to all expenses as the influence of the platform to reduce costs grows.


If you’re intrigued by the potential of the service drop me an email; chris.herd@outlook.com, and I’d be delighted to share the prototype, slide deck and vision for the service in more detail.