Museum Goers say the Darnedest Things

A list of odd, insensitive, or otherwise poignant things that I have overheard at the Mi Tierra exhibit at the Denver Art Museum:

“Snip, snip, snip,” said a lengthy teen with a grin on his face as he walks by Plexus №36.

“What do you think, papa?” a young girl visiting the museum asked.

“I think Denver spent a whole lotta money on a pretty building, and filled the space with people who don’t deserve to be here,” responds the patriarch of the family.

“And you can see if you walk around, that there are cute little monkeys and birds everywhere. There are also these statues which look like men, they were modeled after some housed in the museum,” explained a docent to a group of senior citizens, all of whom are regarding Fridalandia.

“Oh aren’t those darling, Denice? Look! There is even a little monkey in that cage! How wonderful,” said a senior citizen guest.

“That was really moving,” uttered a teary eyed girl emerging from Destiny Manifest.

“Can we go, mom? That thing is really scaring me,” said a toddler boy crouched behind his mother as he stares at Plexus №36.

“I don’t get it,” cawed a disgruntled women looking at Federal Fashion Mart, “does it have something to do with drugs or gangbangers or something?”

“I see museums as the educational platform for conversation and art as the invitation for conversation,” said Becky Hart, the DAM contemporary art curator.

These quotes moved me– further in some directions than others– but for some reason I can’t get them out of my head. Whenever I think about visiting a certain piece, I can hear what people were saying about it. These quotes have stuck with me for better or for worse. Sometimes they have aided in my understanding of a piece, sometimes it makes me smile and other times they don’t. I am hoping by writing them down I can stop them reverberating around my head when I look at certain pieces or see certain types of people.

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