STG Acquires Extra Express and Adds Last Mile Services in 2017

An experienced logistics and financial professional, Chris Jamroz serves as CEO of STG Holdings LLC, a leading supply chain business headquartered in South Kearny, New Jersey. In addition to this role, Chris Jamroz is the executive chairman of the STG subsidiary St. George Logistics.

In 2017, St. George Logistics acquired Extra Express, a division of Dicom Transportation Group, and the deal adds a network of more than 300 vehicles for deliveries in the state of California. The acquisition marks the fourth between 2016 and 2017, and focus of this transaction will be to establish last mile delivery services.

Prior to Extra Express joining St. George Logistics, clients of the latter hired third-party providers to pick up and deliver their goods. The acquisition will therefore save both time and money for everyone involved, and it will allow STG to more fully integrate its offerings as the company continues to grow. Last mile services, the transport of items from a warehouse to their final destination, became available in May 2017.