Frankly, I’ve been confused about the anger and support of Trump. But the misunderstanding is almost certainly due to my luck in life. I live in a bubble in New York City and in the technology industry. I’ve benefited from a good education and an opportunity to work in the new economy. These are not opportunities that most people have been lucky enough to access.
Confused Why Donald Trump’s Message Is Resonating?
Benjy Boxer

I wish others who — like myself — are concerned about Trump’s continued rise could practice self-reflection like this. Hand-waving away large sections of the electorate as stupid, ignorant or worse is not helping. Analysis like this is.

I’m definitely not the first to mention this point. But it is interesting how some of the same groups who were “blind-sided” by Brexit are now just as confused by Trump’s rise. The Economist had a great series on this idea.

We have large economic groups that feel “left out”. To them, the status quo isn’t working. So they don’t feel there is much to lose by bringing the old order down.

I personally don’t believe Trump is the answer. But neither is smug condescension towards people who lost out on globalization and are looking for change.

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