Chatbots on the Rise, Company Profile: SnatchBot

The growth of interest around and business use of chatbots continues to rise. They represent the future of customer communications and a key part of any business engagement process. New players enter this market in growing numbers, hoping to win deals with major brands, large enterprises and booming businesses to act as their key point of online engagement.

About SnatchBot

SnatchBot ( is a company with a singular focus on chatbots. One of the tide of technology powerhouse startups coming out of Herzliya Pituach in Israel, SnatchBot provides a bot-building platform. This allows the same underlying technology to work on a customer’s website, Facebook page, Slack or Skype account or other social media platform.

Any business with a digital strategy will be looking to include a chatbot feature, to save human customer service agent’s time and to improve the speed with which consumers or customers get the right information. But with many point solutions on the market, there is early-market chaos and confusion.

SnatchBot plans to eliminate much of that, providing omni-channel coverage with upcoming support for Telegram, Viber, Cisco Spark, Microsoft Team and many more. This single platform, working on any destination will enable businesses to focus on the quality of the chatbot, not worrying about integration. SnatchBot solutions can be built, tested and deployed for free on iOS, Android, Windows and most web APIs.

Company Founder Focus

Founded by Henri and Avi Ben Ezra in 2015, SnatchBot looks to differentiate itself by providing a faster time-to-product rollout and reduction in the technical skills required. SnatchBot uses a smart, conversational algorithm to create the script and flexible integration with a wide range of endpoints.

With a focus on, ‘a strength of purpose and clarity of vision, along with the tenacity to pursue it’, the founders have an understanding that all sizes of organisation will need a chatbot and will want the bot to work on their platform of choice.

With a background in management and driving sales growth, Henri established his credentials as Chief Executive Officer at HGT Telecom in France and was in charge of technology at LT Telecom in the UK. The aim of SnatchBot is to provide a tech solution that can speak and understand human language.

Using natural language processing and AI is traditionally a complex function in any technology, but SnatchBot aims to make that just part of the service, allowing regular developers to create chatbots that can be up and running within a day.

Some chatbot builders focus on the depth of chat experience, others focus on a web or app only delivery method. Among the many vendors coming to market, SnatchBot is one of the few with a breadth of vision to deliver anywhere and to make creating the bot a hassle-free process.

Early testimonials demonstrate that Snatchbot is helping companies reduce their costs, improve productivity and customer satisfaction. Delivering Q&A solutions, customer service, sales automation and other benefits shows how powerful a chatbot can be, something that many thousands of companies will come to realise in the a very short period of time.

The Future of Chatbots

Chatbots will soon dominate many areas of customer service, including consumer technology and business service support. They will help answer the majority of queries, saving human agents from getting involved only in the most serious cases, helping companies save on human capital.

Imagine not having to dig out the warranty to find the customer support number or to wait on the line for an hour. This is where bots will really prove their worth and are already doing so.

Many bots will be integrated into products, such as refrigerators, self-driving cars or industrial machinery. We can expect SnatchBot to be able to integrate into any hardware in future, as all devices become just a smart extension of the web.

Stores will also use chatbots to help customers find or order the right product in the right color or size, freeing up floor or sales staff for more complex enquiries. With its smart AI and natural language skills, SnatchBot will be able to mold itself into many environments where the type of question and answer could vary wildly.

One of the key benefits of a chatbot is its 24/7 accessibility, allowing any company to be a 24-hour business. The flexibility and power of SnatchBot to be a rapidly deployable solution will be key to its success in the global marketplace. As chatbots start to learn other languages, they will also help companies compete in new markets, with translation functionality, we can expect SnatchBot to be up to that challenge too.