The real reason the new Anchor app is exciting

If you haven’t heard the news, a new social media platform launched last week and has been quickly gaining traction. It’s called Anchor ( Here are my not-so politically correct thoughts on why this platform is exciting.

Anchor is a community where people can record 2 minute soundbites (called Waves). Users on the platform can then listen to and interact with — liking, sharing, and replying to, those soundbites. It’s essentially like Twitter but for audio.

People are using it to tell stories, jokes, ask questions, answer questions, and even drive engagement to other content outside the platform.

I got on it last week, and it’s so early that I can’t even give you a link to where you can follow me. You can get the app and search for me — Chris Kubbernus. Or better yet comment below and let me know you’re on the platform and I’ll find you.

The real reason why this is exciting is not because it’s a brand new platform. Although, yes it is cool that we have another opportunity to get in on a social media platform early before it gets too noisy (think about where you’d be today if you went big on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram before anyone else!!!??), no, the real reason I am excited is because for the first time in social media history we have a platform where it doesn’t matter how HOT you are.

You could be a super model from Russia who has butt, boob and lip implants, but your looks don’t matter in an audio only social community like Anchor.

…it doesn’t matter how HOT you are.

This is exciting because it messes with us. As humans we are geared for physical attraction, it’s what keeps the planet populated. Now don’t get me wrong, the brain is sexy as well. I mean that’s why we can write music, produce art and even discover evolution in the first place. But here’s the thing, with Anchor it’s no longer about taking a sexy selfie at the gym and getting 10,000 likes in an hour. Or posting photos of fancy cars and watches with another quote about hard work and money. Or watering your garden in your We The Best flip flops. The audio only element throws a curve ball into the social media strike zone — and I like that.

With Anchor it’s no longer about taking a sexy selfie at the gym and getting 10,000 likes in an hour.

I’m not trying to put down other social networks. I love Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram. And I would never suggest that those platforms are all sex and no substance. I don’t believe this. I just want to point out that this new tool is counter to everything else going on in social.

Every other platform is becoming more visual. Facebook is all about video these days (both live and otherwise), Instagram is all visual, Snapchat is all visual, Twitter engagement gets way better when you include emoticons, images and gifs. Periscope, Blab, Meerkat are all streaming video… Anchor is in the opposite direction. When you provide a product that is counter culture, you can end up creating something incredible that people gravitate towards.

My intuition is telling me Anchor has something very special on their hands, and it ain’t a Russian model.

Please let me know in the comments below what you think of Anchor, is it here to stay or no? Do you think hot people will take over? Are my points valid, or am I crazy? Please comment, recommend and share.

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