I’m in the Gwent Closed Beta

I have been waiting for this for a while now. I first learned about Gwent: The Witcher Card Game when I was looking for something to replace Hearthstone. I found out about Gwent and signed up for beta access. It’s been quite some time since I signed up and when people started talking about the closed beta about month ago, I figured I was passed over for this one.

On Friday morning (11/18/16), I received the Closed Beta Invite!

I was at work and couldn’t start playing right away so I had to wait until I got home that evening. I fired it up and got started late Friday night.

I was invited for a server stress test a few months ago, but was unable to spend any time playing since the times weren’t good for me. That said, Friday night was the 1st time I ever played Gwent and I was looking forward to learning the game.

I played the tutorial and got a running start.

I started playing games against others and quickly hit a wall. I didn’t really know all the mechanics of the game and I didn’t have any good cards yet.

I decided to buy a few packs on top of the freebies. I ended up getting 40 packs and was able to get a couple good cards and I milled some cards to create a pretty solid monster deck.

After 4–5 levels on Saturday, I decided to give some other deck types a try.

I settled on a Northern Realms deck centered around Radovid. It’s a control deck that focuses on keeping the opponent weak, very weak. Saturday night, I went to bed after hitting level 6 or 7.

Sunday was a lazy day and I played a bunch. I ended up at level 14 with this Radovid control deck with a pretty nice win percentage.

From what I could see on Twitch, I am well behind the curve. It seems that most streamers are in the high double digit levels or low triple digits.

I am still learning but I am having a blast so far.

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