Find your [Entrepreneur] path with “Gold Map” today!

A few weeks back I was graciously invited to be part of an “Entrepreneur Round Table” of sorts here in Rochester. (first part linked below)

One thing that stuck out to me was a statement was this quote above (which is horribly misquoted, but on point with the sentiment):

If you haven’t done anything to become an entrepreneur yet, don’t, because you don’t want it enough.

Basically, the quote is referencing people that are sitting at their job, upset with their situation, wanting to create their own thing. This person noted that, if that’s all these people have done and haven’t tried starting their own thing yet, then they shouldn’t because they don’t want it enough.

I can see where this person is coming from. Entrepreneurship is tough in every way and you have to have grit at every step along the way. However, this quote is overlooking a very large subset of people who don’t really know the possibilities out there!

When I was a high schooler years ago trying to figure out what career I wanted for the rest of my life I can remember being completely overwhelmed by the thought. (at another time we can go into the craziness of how children are supposed to pick a career to define their life track for the next 60+ years of their life) Now keep in mind, only a couple years prior did the internet become something that people actually used. So at this time, my list of resources available was limited at best.

It really wasn’t until a few years into my career did I end up seeing first hand that entrepreneurship was even an option. Before seeing someone starting a company who reminded me of myself, it never crossed my mind. At that time I just thought I was someone who would never be satisfied with my job and I had come to accept that.

So when you look at this issue of people not doing to make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality. The problem might not be the execution on the dream, but the knowledge that the dream can become a reality. (Note…there are plenty of times when this dream can be a nightmare…but even then it is the only thing you want to do)

This really hit me just a couple weeks back when the Olympics were starting and NBC was advertising their “Gold Map” to show kids what they need to do to follow their dreams of becoming an Olympian.

What if entrepreneurship had that? What if there were maps to becoming an entrepreneur. I realize that is going to be different for everyone, but at least knowing that is a possibility is a great first step.

Going back to that conversation in the Entrepreneur Round Table, a big part of that community we were talking about is just that. Showing a map of how other people that children and adults alike can look to, to become an entrepreneur.

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