An open letter to Justin Bieber.

To Justin,

I ashamed to say I have been very critical of your career, of your music, of your entire being. That stops today.

I criticise you because I am jealous. I am jealous that you have “made” it, and I have not. I am jealous that you regularly perform to stadiums full of adoring fans (I am not jealous of the screaming 12 year old girls, you can have them all to yourself) I am jealous of your lifestyle, your massive parties, I am jealous of the girls in your social circle, I am just plain old jealous!

Many people critize you for different reasons, for me it is jealousy. You have the success I once dreamed of, and instead of being stoic in the realisation that I have come up short on my life goals, I find false refuge in pulling the likes of you down.

For others they say that you are a bad role model, and let’s be honest here, you aren’t a poster child for clean living, but who said you wanted to be a role model anyway?

You were just a kid when you were plucked from obscurity, and thrust into the world spotlight. A spotlight powered by the mega wattage of social media. This “connected” cyber world which has been a huge part of your success, has also been an insidious curse.

You have not done anything many other teenagers have not done or tried in the last three generations of teenagers. The general public have access to your every waking moment, monitoring how much you drink, what you smoke, who you shag. Then your actions are reported through social medial, well before your foggy recollection of the night before has even had time to haunt your hungover recollections of the night prior.

Why does society want you to be this great role model anyway? You didn’t ask for all this attention. One day you’re putting up videos on YouTube, the next day (seemingly) you have a song in the charts. If your goal was to make a living from music, well done, you are a success by definition. However, if your goal was to be a role model, well, you are a dismal failure. I don’t care if you don’t want to be a role model, society shouldn’t dictate to you what you should or should not be. Why not live life large while you are still so young, like me, you will regret it if you don’t do it now.

This world could do with more great songs, songs that make people happy, songs that people enjoy. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not a converted fan. I choose to listen to different types of music, but that doesn’t mean your music is in any way inferior. Many people enjoy your music, that’s the main thing.

What this world needs less of are critics. No critic has ever achieved anything note worthy. No critic has ever sat on Oprah’s couch. Critics don’t win Grammy Awards, they don’t win Oscar’s, they won’t be remembered by adoring fans after they are gone.

We need more people like you. People who do what they love. People that follow their passion. I truly believe this is the greatest time to be alive if you are a creative. It has never been easier to earn a living doing what you love. It seems like these days every one is a photographer, everyone is a film maker, every one is a writer, every one is a musician. It’s a great time in history and instead of getting amongst it all, I am too worried about what I don’t have, the goals I am too lazy to go after and too busy trying to bring down the people that do what I want to do.

From now on I vow not to be a critic. It’s far better being a doer!

Justin, there is so much more I would like to say, but I have said what I wanted to get off my chest, thanks for your contribution music, you will surely go down in history as one of the greats!