I have solved the Rubik’s cube a total of 1 time. As you would be aware if you have been following my blogs regarding this challenge of mine, I have not had an easy time of it. In my times of frustration, I began to notice that solving the cube using this method requires a lot of movement of the cube. In the videos I have seen of speed solvers, they definitely move the cube very fast, but the moves are efficient, much more efficient than my method. It starts to dawn on me that even if I do memorise all the algorithms and start to practice getting the time down, I am pretty sure it would be impossible for anyone to use this method and solve it in 30 seconds by the sheer number of times I have to move the cube.

So, now I have a dilemma. I searched YouTube for rubick’s cube tutorial videos, specifically solving the cube quickly. Incidenly, I found a video with the title how to solve the Rubic’s cube in 30 seconds. This seemed like it was exactly what I was looking for.

After watching the video I was left with a decision. It would be a waste of time to continue on with my current method if I want to solve the cube in under 30 seconds. I would have to familiarise myself with this new method, essentially, starting all over again. Got to tell you, this does not appeal to me much. The alternative, is to continue on with my current strategy, flawed as it may be, and get it as fast as I can, knowing full well I won’t be anywhere near the 30 second mark. Maybe a minute would be possible?.

So, here is my thought process. The goal isn’t the goal. This is true with all goals. Achievement of the goal isn’t the most valuable aspect of goal setting. Rather, it’s the person we become along the way of achieving the goal that is the most important. I would rather continue on with my flawed process rather than risk getting put off by almost starting all over again and likely leave the challenge and the goal to pass by. I will be happy within myself if I can solve the Rubic’s cube in a couple of minutes, that is a lot further than I can currently do now.

So it’s decided, I am going to continue on. I am starting to memorise the algorithms and making good progress there. Goal for the week is to be able to solve the cube in one sitting totally from memory.

Wish me luck.