It’s fleeting just as the joy is fleeting for my child when I give them a toy. As soon as they get it, they want something else. It’s all about what they can consume, not about what they can create and give.
One Thing Separates Creators From Consumers
Benjamin P. Hardy

I see this with children in my family all the time. Last year, at my cousins 2nd birthday party, I was totally floored by what I saw. They sat the girl down and had her open gift after gift. Come this past Christmas, she actually threw my Mother’s present to her on the floor and ran away. I wish I was surprised when it happened.

It’s pretty apparent that the girl is always looking for her next material possession and you can see these values reflected in both her parents and other members of the family.

Giving and receiving nothing in return is a critical skill for kids to learn. For me, my year of service in AmeriCorps was the most rewarding experience of my life.

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