Why I’m Turning Off The News

I’m just really exhausted guys.

About 6 months ago, you would’ve seen me on the couch with my phone in one hand and a remote in the other. While I checked the FiveThirtyEight election predictions for a 20th time that day, I also had to have my TV tuned to MSNBC so I didn’t miss a story.

How I did it, I’m not sure. Because now I can hardly turn on the news at all. My Apple News app sits in a folder three screens back. I’ve turned off all major CNN and NY Times notifications. I have even started turning on TLC in the background because I can’t stand to have the news on.

I’m exhausted.

I really don’t think this is a partisan issue either. The Trump news is absolutely everywhere. The last time I logged into my Apple News app there were 10 Trump stories uninterrupted. After years of using that thing, I’ve never seen anything like it.

Where are the stories about Syria? Aren’t there actual protests happening in Russia, no less the rounding up of gay people? And for heaven’s sake what is going on with North Korea?

Instead, I woke up this morning and watched 15 minutes of Morning Joe. Every single story was Trump related. Again. Is nothing else happening in the world that I could know about today?

I’m not going to make suggestions. I’m just turning it off. Call me uninformed. Call me a weak liberal. Call me a snowflake. Guess what?

There’s a reason people are turning off the news media and now I can’t blame them. I’m over the clear bias in everything I read or watch. If you want me to tune in again, I’d appreciate something other than an hour-long discussion on our President’s ridiculous tweeting habit.

So yeah. My notifications are off. My Facebook is out of sight and out of mind. I’m going to get back into Netflix comedies and spend more time meditating. I can’t live my life in a 24 hour news cycle that relentlessly beats me with depressing information.

It’s time to take my damn life back.