You're A Terrible Friend

I’m a dog person but I’ve never felt closer to a photo.

I picked up the phone yesterday a little cautious. Unsure of what I’d say or what you’d say. In reality, it seems, we didn’t say very much at all. When I hung up the phone, it all hit me.

Our friendship is bullsh*t. An unproductive, inequitable mess.

So I’m not doing it anymore. Here’s why.

Our friendship has become one sided.

When I reach out for help or advice, you don’t respond. You told me you’d always be there for me. Nowadays you’re only there for yourself.

Why should I bother?

Your relationship is suffering

All relationships have problems, yours has too many to count. Consumer goods, new houses and new toys you use to cover up your inefficiencies. Unfortunately a broken down car won’t go very far when you put more gas in it.


You criticize what I do

When I post articles, you tell me I’m going crazy. When I read, you say I read too much. When I write, you call me a hypocrite and pretend it’s your partner who says it.

I know it’s you saying it.

So I’ll do what I have to do

I’ll do what I do when anything else isn’t adding value to my life. I will focus my energy elsewhere, unsure if we’ll ever recover.

But I’ve never been more sure of this.

You’ve been a terrible friend.

And I’ve let you be.

Life, man. Life.

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