I’m Tired of This

In a climate in which likes, shares, and other virtual forms of affirmation are currency, it is no wonder we have become so divided.

You don’t get internet points or pats on the back for having civil discussion with people with whom you disagree. Instead, you get rewarded for making a fool of the people with whom you disagree.

We’ve created a culture that rewards people more for seeking affirmation from their friends than seeking peace with their enemies.

No one group of people is to blame for the division among us today. We all are to blame for the fact that we would rather be praised by our friends than become friends with those who think, believe, and look unlike us.

People who want to be popular tell their friends what they want to hear. People who want to affect change learn to talk to their enemies.

Unfortunately, more of us are interested in being liked than we are in doing good. We chase likes, comments, and shares at the cost of real change.

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