Scenic Hudson Scores Landmark Settlement

As president of Falcon Enterprises Associates, Christopher (Chris) McNally and his staff work with residential property owners to find the best-suited architects, engineers, and contractors for their major construction projects. A passionate environmentalist, Chris McNally, through Falcon, often lends his support to Scenic Hudson, a non-profit organization aimed at protecting and restoring the Hudson River and its surrounding landscape.

Scenic Hudson scored a victory in its Protecting the Palisades campaign, which concluded with a beneficial settlement with LG Electronics. Looking to construct its new North American headquarters overlooking the Palisades, the company proposed a building height of 143 feet, which would have significantly hampered the scenic view of the National Natural Landmark.

After a three-year campaign in which Scenic Hudson launched a lawsuit and partnered with numerous local environmental organizations, LG agreed to reduce the height of its headquarters to 69 feet. Along the way, Scenic Hudson established the Protect the Palisades coalition, which brought together over 30 environmental, civic, and cultural groups to fight the proposed construction.