not because the tech doesn’t work A Cooperative Decentralized Social Network
Alanna Irving

~Has he actually used any of these services and taken even a fraction of a second to consider what the experience is like for a common, non-tech immersed person? The tech does not work for them. This guy is completely out of touch.~

Belated retraction: I know, i just wrote “retraction”, yet my response is still here. This is because i need a public reminder to corral my ego. I made assumptions about Nathan’s background (thinking him an engineer — one of my “people”), then compounded the fallacy by unfairly making my response about him rather than focusing on the problem.

Alanna, my apologies for distracting from your otherwise insightful interview. Nathan, i transgressed against you twice in two sentences. This is unforgivable. I will do better in the future. Please remind me where i do not.