The birth and death of social impact investment
Jeff Mowatt

Is it not gratifying that ideas your group helped to promote have gotten attention? While you were originally turned down by the b-corporation folk, there is now such a structure in the U.K. system. The other examples you cite are similar. I read here of birth, but there seems to be some hidden assumptions about the death of social impact investing. From my perspective as an interested outsider it seems the movement is growing.

I may be missing more important points of your post however, or perhaps there is background material that proceeds this. If so, and your purpose is to educate, please point them out for us.


~ Chris

P.S. There is no (deliberate) hidden meaning or barbs in my query. I was raised in the U.S. where the trolling is (painfully) direct. If your post was simply intended to be a rant, please disregard. I am interested in being part of solving these issues and could not find anything recent on the p-ced site to provide clues to what prompted your post here. :)

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