Podcast Recommendations

I listen to podcasts on a daily basis, that can be any time from when I’m having breakfast to when I’m going to sleep at night. I enjoy the dialogue in podcasts as a background to other activities or as an alternative to listening to music.

I put the question to others on twitter for their podcast recommendations so I thought it only fair that I provide some of mine. My tastes vary wildly so they’re categorised accordingly. There’s no particular order to any of these, I’m just going through my Pocketcasts subscription list.


Speed Metal Cycling Podcast

My most frequently listened podcast. Dan (the Skullcrusher), Klaus (Alps & Andes blog) and Mike (Gage & Desoto) sometimes talk about Pro Cycling but more often than not talk about the stupid things associated with Pro Cycling.

Fox Football Podcast

This is a podcast run by Fox Sports in Australia, primarily focused on Australian and English football, but with events in world football also covered.

The Telegraph Cycling Podcast

Much more focused on results and race analysis than Speed Metal, as you would expect from three seasoned cycling journalists.

The Spokesmen Cycling Roundtable Podcast

Another cycling podcast I enjoy, this one is perhaps a mixture of the two aforementioned cycling podcasts, excellent professional race analysis with some humour and focus on cycling advocacy issues.


I find that Tech and Tech related podcasts are usually the most well produced and the best for background listening, such as working or going to sleep

Accidental Tech Podcast

This one often goes past 90 mins in length, so not the best for a short listen, but the dialogue is particularly good. It’s also worth sticking it out for the ‘Post-show’.


Vector is another favourite of mine, it’s more about how tech interacts with lifestyle rather than purely tech, but it’s excellent.


Iterate is produced by the same people as Vector, with its primary focus being on the design and user experience of tech. I enjoy listening to the reasoning behind why things look the way they do.

Android Central Podcast

As the name suggests, this one is dedicated to Android discussion such as new devices, new apps etc. Probably not too interesting for lowly apple people.

Design Details

Another podcast about design and the designers behind it. Only very new on my subscription list but impressed thus far

Tomorrow with Joshua Topolsky

Another new one for my subscription list, Topolsky was one of the founders of the tech site The Verge. His podcast is suitably excellent

This week in Google

The title basically says it all. News and discussion about everything relating to Google.


Other random podcasts that I listen to

Brain Science Podcast

One of my oldest subscriptions, this podcasts about the brain will blow your mind.

Books and Ideas Podcast

Related to the Brain Science Podcast, this is also fairly self-explanatory. It’s almost an overflow of the brain science podcast but the topics are more diverse.

Science Friday Audio Podcast

It’s a podcast about science, they produce it on a Friday. It’s very good.

BBC Documentaries

Fantastic audio documentaries from all over the world, particular favourite for bedtime listening

Photo Biz X

A podcast about various facets of the Photography industry, hosted by a friend of mine from cycling

The Guru Performance Podcast

A podcast about nutrition and biomechanics and everything else. .

That’s basically the list of my most listened podcasts, there are many more in my subscription list, but they’re a second preference to any in this list which I haven’t listened to.

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