Walk Across Connecticut — Day 2

In case you missed it, I decided to walk across Connecticut. I started in Killingly near the RI border and ended in Danbury. Check out my recaps from along the way — Day 1, Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5.

Today was only a few miles longer than yesterday, but I felt every single step thanks to the very hilly terrain. In case you’re keeping track at home, today I racked up 54,437 steps and my legs are really feeling it.

But tired legs be damned, today was also full of great people, beautiful scenery and a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone! Here’s the full recap:

25 miles and LOTS of hills on the route today as I walked from Willimantic to Portland.
6 am start to day 2. My legs hurt already.
First stop of the morning — a great visit with the volunteer firefighters and EMS in Columbia. Hazardous duty. No pay. These guys are true heroes.
The gnats were out in full force this morning. Luckily, a woman named Liz pulled up and brought me some bug spray! People like Liz have been finding me all along my route to say hi, walk a little, and offer words of encouragement. Jack and Maura walked with me for a little while this morning in Columbia.
Stopped into Gina Marie’s in downtown Hebron. The owner, Troy, says the ACA has helped his employees get health care but he wants a long term financing source to help push down deductibles. I couldn’t agree more.
Such a fun visit to Wholly Goat Farm in Hebron! Orlando is just 21 years old but he’s already started his own business making goat milk soaps and lotions. I got to meet his parents, siblings and about a dozen goats.
BIG DEAL ALERT: I had one of the best pizza slices of my life at 3 Fellas this afternoon. Anyone who is from Connecticut knows that we take our pizza very seriously and this was one of the very best.
Someone in area is quite the rock artist — I spotted two huge rocks painted like an eagle and snake on my way through Hebron and Marlborough.
Stopped for a cone of mint chocolate chip at Jessica’s Garden in Marlborough and these three women invited me to join them. They desperately want Republicans and Democrats to work together on health care.
Sometimes along the way the most amazing little things happen. As I was hustling to get to my town hall, I met a woman named Barbara. She led me to a shortcut and we went by her house, where she and her daughter had put up this sign.

I was running late and I really had to hustle to make it to my town hall. But when I got there, the location was absolutely worth it.

The beautiful setting at YMCA Camp Ingersoll and the crowd of 250+ people who came out to join us picked up my spirits after a long day on the road.

I’ve said it before, but walking across the state has really made me fall in love with Connecticut all over again. There is a beauty and a history here that is unlike anywhere in the country. There is a kindness and a decency to the people I meet that restores my faith. That doesn’t mean our state doesn’t have problems — of course it does. But walking town-by-town and having literally hundreds of conversations along the way reminds me that there is so much to love about this place we call home. When my feet ache and my legs are sore it’s this feeling that propels me forward.

I’m sure my feet will be achy tomorrow, but I’m looking forward to another day on the road. Onward to Middletown, Meriden, Southington, Wolcott and Waterbury.

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