Walking Across Connecticut — Day 2

In case you missed it, I’m attempting to walk across Connecticut. Starting in Voluntown near the RI border and (hopefully) ending in Greenwich. If you’re following along, check out my recaps from Day 1 , Day 3, Day 4, Day 5 and Day 6.

Today I really picked up the pace, clocking just under 30 miles on my trip from Norwich to Chester. I also officially got my first blister.

I started Day 2 bright an early, setting off from the Greenville Fire Department at 6:10am

Sunrise in Norwich. Ready for the day.
On my way out of Norwich I passed Ed watering his mom’s lawn. He works the night shift, then takes care of her during the day. Ed’s not alone — there are thousands of people caring for a family member in CT. Ed and I talked about the hard work of providing care for a loved one and how we need to have better support systems in place for caregivers.
I crossed over into Salem and stopped at Maegog Market, which sells fresh produce from the farm next door. Maegog Farm has been in the family for 60 years.
Lost cat in Salem FYI. Hope she make it home safely. If you see her, don’t chase!
Local food! Stop by and see my friend Sun at Panfili’s Farm Stand in Salem and pick up some locally made Swanky BBQ sauce. Swanky Sauce just took home top honors at the Saucekers aka the Oscars for BBQ sauce.
Next stop in Salem was Mitchell Farm Equine Retirement. Owners Dee and Hank started the farm in 2004 as a sanctuary for retired horses and now have over 25 horses in their care. They showed me around, introduced me to the horses (and donkeys) and talked with me about the challenges of running a farm that’s also a nonprofit. If you want to check out the farm, they’re hosting a music festival there September 16th-19th. Learn more here: http://bit.ly/2cd5ndK
Up close and personal with one of the retired horses at Mitchell Farm
On the road again. Today I’ve got a camelbak to help keep me hydrated.
Hopped a ride on the Hadlyme Ferry to cross the river into Chester
My town hall today was held here in the Chester Meeting House. We had a great crowd turn out to ask questions about education, health care, and campaign finance reform
Thanks to everyone who joined us here in Chester!
Afterwards, I stuck around to chat and answer a few more questions before hitting the road for the last five miles of the day.
Ended the day with a meat pizza from Otto in downtown Chester.

Another amazing day on the road. Headed from Chester to East Haven tomorrow! Another long day with lots of miles but looking forward to more conversations along the way.