Why Does Vice President Pence Avoid Women in Public?

Vice President Pence and Second Lady Karen Pence

A recent profile of Second Lady Karen Pence reveals that she and Vice President Pence use the “Billy Graham Rule” to dictate how they interact socially with members of the opposite sex. Their rule says that neither of them shares a meal or booze with a member of the opposite sex if the other is not by their side. I know what you’re thinking: wow — what a peculiar rule for a married couple. Let’s explore the reasoning behind the Pences using the Billy Graham Rule.

Are they sex addicts? Has one or both of them slipped-up in the past and now can’t trust themselves to be alone with members of the opposite sex? 
We all know the only way to avoid relapsing into addiction is to remove yourself from any possible temptation. The sex addict explanation would easily explain the need for them to abstain from opposite sex interactions in social situations; but, I don’t buy it. The all-seeing eye of the internet would have revealed any rumors that either of them has committed sexual indiscretions in the past. By all accounts, the couple has honored their marriage vows to only bone each other for the rest of their lives. There has to be another reason for this rule.

Do the Pences believe they’re hot shit and their bodies will be too tempting to members of the opposite sex? Is the couple afraid sexual advances will fly at them from all directions if they attend parties alone?

This reasoning would make sense; they’re using the same kind of logic Republicans employ when arguing against homosexuals using locker rooms that straights are using. Republicans like Pence think gay men will be overcome with sexual desires after seeing his soapy middle-aged genitals, and will want to fuck him. Perhaps Vice President Pence and the Second Lady used locker room logic when they decided to use the Billy Graham Rule? Do they think it’s best to not unleash their sexy onto members of the opposite sex without having their partner by their side to fend off the many sexual advances that will inevitably come their way? Much like the sex addict explanation, I don’t buy this one either. Mike and Karen seem like humble Midwesterners who know their bodies’ best years are behind them; their bodies are now lumpy, pasty messes that are no longer desired by member of the opposite sex. There has to be another reason the Pences employed the Billy Graham Rule.

My guess is the Pences interpret the bible to say men and women can’t be trusted to coexist together in social situations because they can’t suppress the urge to have sex. It’s as if they fear men and women’s genitalia will uncontrollably bind together by a tractor beam from a science fiction movie if they’re given the chance to interact. They think men and women can’t be trusted to practice restraint while around members of the opposite sex. As a result, they believe the only solution is to remove ourselves from situations where men and women could be tempted to have sex.

If this is the reason for using the Billy Graham rule, then the Pences are using the same kind of reasoning that drives other cultures to take extreme measures to avoid sexual temptation. This is the same kind of reasoning that leads to female genitalia mutilation. This is also the kind of reasoning that makes Christians come to the conclusion that abstinence-only education is an intelligent approach to teaching young people how to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

It would be dangerous for our society as a whole to employ the Billy Graham rule and the Pence’s use of it must be condemned. Their reasoning in using it is not based in truth. Additionally, this kind of reasoning is archaic and prevents the progression of gender relations.