Food and Drink in the Bronx

The Bronx, New York-based Victory Auto Group consultant Chris Orsaris has worked in the auto industry for nearly 30 years, and won Queens Businessman of the Year in 2008. During his leisure time, Chris Orsaris loves to eat out at restaurants.

Some people refer to the Bronx as the “real Little Italy,” and it is known for its excellent pizza and Italian restaurants. One of the most popular places for authentic Italian dishes like veal parmigiana and mussels marinara is called Dominick’s, on Arthur Avenue, where the only menu is the advice of your server.

The Bronx also boasts authentic cuisine from other countries as well, and lately West African food has made its mark on the neighborhood. Ebe Ye Yie offers traditional Ghanaian food like meat stews with a side of fufu, a dish made from yams, that is best enjoyed with your hands. Patina restaurant represents the food of Nigeria and especially Yoruban culture with dishes like efo riro, which usually features pumpkin leaves.

Beer and ales have become increasingly popular in the Bronx as well. The Bronx Alehouse and the Bronx Beer Hall are standouts that offer local craft beers and ciders on tap. The Alehouse also hosts a Beer Club which encourages its members to taste and rate 100 different beverages from its wide selection.

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