What Not to Do at a Football Game

A car sales professional for over 10 years, Chris Orsaris has served since early 2016 as consulting dealer at Victory Auto Group in the Bronx, New York. In his free time, Chris Orsaris enjoys attending football games.

When you go to a football game rather than watch it at home, the most important thing you need to remember is that you are not there alone. Everything you do in such a large crowd will affect the people around you, even when it comes to actions as simple as getting up to use the bathroom or buy a drink. If, for example, you choose to stand up in front of people after a kickoff or punt, or at another time when the play has stopped, you will be more popular than if you stand up when something game-changing could potentially happen.

Standing up in excitement, however, is bound to happen. If someone else does it, remember that they are there to enjoy themselves and let them celebrate. Feel free to do it yourself as well, but be careful not to be too exuberant if you support the visiting team.

Remember not to swear at or threaten any players, even from the opposing team. Clever and clean taunts are generally okay if in good fun, but be sure that you know enough about the player and the play.

Finally, keep in mind that your support actually does help your team. Even if you disagree with a call, try not to boo the players or coaches on your side. It brings down the energy of the stadium and discourages the fans around you as well as, yes, the team.

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