Do You Want to Know How Customized Pillow Boxes Impact the Buying Decisions?

We’re living in a world of research; nowadays, they would conduct a research on anything that comes to mind. It is through research that they found the God particle.

When it comes to business, research becomes very crucial. Sometimes, big and decisive business moves are merely based on research.

They conduct market research, competitor research and definitely research on consumer behaviors, trends and buying decisions.

Buying decisions, is the key my friends. No one knows what makes a customer take their purchasing decision, because if we somehow learn this, multinational companies will literally mug their target customers and leave them high and dry.


This does not mean that we do not know anything at all about how, why and when a customer reaches a buying decision. There are companies that are doing very well, and it is because they know what impact the buying decisions.

One of such devices is packaging; yes packaging can impact the behavior of a target customer and drive them towards buying the product.

While we are confident about how it happens, there are certain types of packaging that can do it for sure! One of those impressive devices is the pillow boxes.

They are awesome, they are unique, they are festive and they have a very positive effect on the psychology of a consumer.

Let us see in detail how customized pillow boxes impact buying decisions and lead people to buy products packed inside them.

1. Strikingly Attractive Packaging

Clear pillow boxes or simple, they are strikingly attractive. I mean, most of the boxes that we have ever come across are either square or rectangular. Gable boxes look nice because of considerably different look and very useful handle on them.

But apart from pyramid boxes, it is only the wholesale pillow boxes that impress the eyes of the beholder and that have an amazingly unique style. They are not even close to be as bore, bland and dull as all other boxes on the table.

So pick them for their class and style.

2. Sturdiness

Even the Kraft pillow boxes have a very sturdy structure, let alone the cardboard pillow boxes. This sturdiness comes from the arch that pillow boxes have in the center. Their ceiling never touches the product packed inside them, unless you put some pressure.

This is why from confectioneries to gifts, you can pack a lot of things in these simple, stylish and unique boxes.

3. Look and Feel

It is not only about the attraction, but also about the feel of pillow packaging. They simply feel awesome. Have your hand go from one end to another end and you will feel the curves and edges of a pillow box.

We humans always fall for curves and edges, don’t we? Perhaps this is why when we look at these boxes, we sort of get aroused. They are the most awesome boxes when it comes to the look and feel of them.

4. Opening & Closing

Just like the overall structure of these boxes is one of its kind, so is their opening. I have never seen any other sort of packaging opening and closing like this.

There is some sort of mechanism that works. First of all, you can mostly open a pillow box from both ends.

Secondly, it neither demands much pull nor it is too lose to open by itself. When you pull any of the openings (right or left mostly) it gets open to the maximum length: just like a magic.

Likewise, when it comes to closing a box, you can slightly push the opened lid and it will get closed with mechanic jerk.

Apart from other points on their uniqueness, another point is the same style, shape and size of their opening and closing. Even gable and pyramid boxes have flat bottom, but pyramid boxes do not have bottoms, they have sides and both sides (even if you use one as a bottom) have the same shape, look, feel, size and structure.

In simple words pillow boxes are awesome and you must try them once to see how amazingly they change a naysayer customer to a yeasayer one.