From Angry to Fit, the Dark Side Of a Healthy Lifestyle

I am all for positivity, but something I was thinking about recently doesn't come from the most innocent places.

I always see so many people trying to get in shape, lose weight, get a six pack, but there is far less people that don’t than actually do it. I talk with others a lot about goal setting and keeping pictures of the body they want in their daily line of sight. Something that may not have occurred to anyone wanting to get results is the emotion it takes to do it. To have a long lasting healthy lifestyle I believe it must come from a holistic state of mind. However, I also believe that beginning the journey, or continuing it, can come from a much darker emotion, anger.

I remember when I was younger and always the smallest slimmest kid in school. There was a time in my life that I was bullied every day because I was adopted. I remember feeling defenseless. As I grew older, I wanted to make sure I could always protect myself if I needed to. I would think about the times I was picked on, and it would make me so angry. When I first started working out, that was one of my biggest motivators. I wanted to have a body that showed the world I am strong.

Every workout I went through for at least a year straight I kept the thoughts in my head. Each rep, each lift of the weights, I saw all the faces of the kids that bullied me. I hated them. If I ever saw them again I wanted them to just take one look at me and regret everything they ever said and did. It became an obsession. I knew one day the anger would pass, but I wanted to do everything I could to channel that energy in to a constructive outlet for myself.

Today, I keep my body as healthy and fit as possible for the life I want to build. I see people eat unhealthy all the time, and who don’t possess the willpower to change. It saddens me, because changing my lifestyle was the best thing I could do, and for anyone that’s been able to do it, knows how great the influence is. It just so happened what facilitated my change was the result of emotional trauma.

Ever been through bad break up where your ex didn't appreciate you? Or maybe you've experienced bullying like I did growing up? It’s not the most pure source of motivation, but wanting to make yourself better because others didn't respect who you were is something that I believe is a great daily motivator.

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