Winter is the Season of Tough Love

(And it’s always given RAW)

Yup, that’s right, the #1 city in the country this winter that has experienced the most snow is my hometown of Lowell, MA which is right outside of Boston, MA. (It’s always an accomplishment to be #1 in something right?)

New England weather is notorious for being full of Blizzards and Nor-Easters but this winter has been different. I lost count at 5 snow storms but I think it’s been 7 or so within a 2 week span. Roads are blocked, schools have been shut down, and it feels like the entire state of MA and region has been in a constant State of Emergency.

New England weather likes to play this cruel game of schizophrenic weather where the winters are freezing and the summers are steaming. However, this winter has been different because even the lifelong residents have a difficult time remembering when the weather has been this bad for such an extended period of time.

I admit, I have been slightly emotional because of it since the weather has completely screwed up my workout routines because of the gyms being closed and roads being blocked. (All my fit friends feel me on this one?!) Did I mention that some nights wind chill reaches temperatures of -20 degrees also? Oh yeah, that happens a bunch too. (If you’re from a part of the world where weather is like this all year round, I get it, this is nothing, but for the majority of the average population, this is the definition of living in freezing hell.)

In the midst of the worst winter I've seen in my 25 years of living, I came to this realization about this that makes me grateful for this weather.


Yeah that’s right, I said it. Now I could make numerous sports references about all the championships the Boston sports teams have which would favor the argument that this is the best sports city in the world, and solidifying my belief that because cold weather builds character, that’s why we have the most successful sports franchises…but I won’t do that.

In areas like this, you learn and have to be prepared for these scenarios/dangers:

  • No transportation
  • No heat
  • No food because all transportation is blocked
  • Car won’t start
  • Car gets stuck in snow
  • Car accidents due to ice and impaired vision
  • Heart attacks due to intense shoveling
  • Hypothermia
  • Cabin Fever
  • Frostbite
  • No electricity

I could keep going, but you catch my drift. Ever been stranded in an area like on the side of a highway in a bad snow storm and now have comunication with the outside world? I have. Modern day survival tactics must be executed. Double layers of socks, sunglasses/headgear/scarfs to protect from wind, being able to cook if stranded in the house for several days with no access to the outside world. You may laugh reading this but we live in 2015, we don’t live in the stoneage anymore! One of the only things that can’t be controlled by humans is MOTHER NATURE and she is pissed this season (I promise to recycle!).

Imagine what it’s like to have kids and experience this. I can only imagine what parents go through thinking. (I do know somewhat because I get to listen to my sister talk about it raising my Niece, 1 year old, and my Nephew, 3 years old.)

In many ways, I wrote this because of my undying love for this area and the City of Boston. The winter is just another reason that gives meaning to being “Boston Strong”.

In all seriousness, I believe growing up in a climate/environment like this really does build character. It makes you tough because it’s hard to have a bitch ass attitude and live in this type of area. Most importantly, it makes you appreciate the world that much more. SoCal weather is beautiful, but only after experiencing shitty weather like this, I believe is when one can truly love all the good in life…like food. Eating outside in warm weather with friends is so serene. But it’s hard to enjoy a nutella banana crepe, in -20 degree weather, with 111 inches of snow around you. ❤ Nutella>Snow

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