Embracing the Life That Flows

Dagaz, No.28: Detachment

Bridal Veil Falls, Columbia Gorge, ID 201008060001, from the stock collection Eden. Canon EOS 5D with Canon EF85mm f/1.2L USM, no filtration. Captured at 1/5 sec., f/16.0, ISO 50, tripod mounted. RAW image processed via Adobe Camera Raw. © Christopher Alan Rotvik
outcome obsession
obstructing life’s progression
black clouds, precious rain

We obsess over achieving a particular outcome, yet from all vantage points we are essentially blind to the profusion of life’s opportunities. Detach from the narrow view, follow inspiration, and embrace the life that flows. Trust and free yourself to move forward with optimism.

About this series

Dagaz, on our nature and awakening, is a book coming into being on Medium. Other Dagaz posts may be found here.