Life’s Journey in Mind

Dagaz, No.28: Detachment

Bridal Veil Falls, Columbia Gorge, ID 201008060001, from the stock collection Eden. Canon EOS 5D with Canon EF85mm f/1.2L USM, no filtration. Captured at 1/5 sec., f/16.0, ISO 50, tripod mounted. RAW image processed via Adobe Camera Raw. © Christopher Alan Rotvik
outcome obsession
in the way of progression …
to the long view, blind

On meaning

We obsess over achieving a particular outcome, yet from wherever we stand we’re blind to any view from which to assess life’s prospects. Believe that whatever comes to pass is in your best interest, and free yourself to move forward with optimism. Detach from outcome and embrace the life that comes to you.

About this series

Dagaz is a book of the natural world and spiritual awakening, coming into being on Medium. It’s offered as a muse for your own creative endeavors.

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