The Gift to Live Life as One Sees Fit

Dagaz, No.11: Freedom

O’Keeffe Inspiration III, ID 199105310001, from the fine art collection Ephemeral. Olympus OM-1n with Olympus Zuiko 200mm f/5, Olympus 14mm extension tube, and soft focus filter. Kodachrome 64 film, exposure unrecorded, daylight-balanced photo floods, handheld. Scanned image enhanced via Adobe Photoshop. © Christopher Alan Rotvik
society stands
archaic judgement in hand …
our transparent jail

On meaning

Grant to all the freedom you desire, to live life as one sees fit. Doing so frees you from the inner turmoil and judgement that only serves to diminish your own flame, and avoids inflaming others — negative energies that circle back to us.

About this series

Dagaz is a book of the natural world and spiritual awakening, coming into being on Medium. It’s offered as a muse for your own creative endeavors.

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