7 Moments When Staying in a Mixed Dorm Hostel

In an unprecedented move of spontaneity, I recently traveled to Peru to explore the lost city of Machu Picchu and to get my hands on a pisco sour. It was an incredibly successful adventure, however one of the most memorable parts of the trip was staying in a 16 bed mixed dorm hostel. This was my first time doing such a thing and I can’t help but smile upon the memory now. Here were a few of my thoughts before, during and after arrival.

1. How the hell do we find this place?

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Getting to the actual hostel was an experience in itself. When we landed in Cusco, we were attacked by a horde of vicious taxi drivers. We eventually got a ride with a man named Percy who spoke a little English. However, my fear of him mugging us was tucked away in the back of my head the entire time.

2. Where do I put my stuff exactly?

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The language barrier was a common obstacle we had to work around throughout our time in Peru. However, it was most felt when I was trying to obtain a new locker that actually performed its duty of locking my stuff. Using hand signals and a combination of “Otro” and “Nueva”, I was able to get a new locker.

3. Bed bugs and other worries

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A basic fear throughout the entire trip, but in particular at this hostel. Getting a good nights sleep while being paranoid of an infestation is a real struggle. Luckily, I only fell victim to the cold and a restless night of tossing and turning. I learned soon after you can check this by looking under the mattress or inspecting the creases.

4. Free drinks and breakfast?!

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A common practice and a daily activity we would all look forward to. While in Peru we commonly enjoyed fresh OJ, scrambled eggs, toast, jam and ham. In regards to drinks, our hostel offered a bar and 1 night a week of free Pisco Sours.

5. The art of enjoying a shower

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If you’ve been to a hostel with a shower that was easy to manage and puts out consistent temperature/pressure. Lucky you. I am not one of those people.

6. The sound of zippers in early morning

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Jackets, backpacks, containers of all sorts are opened in the early hours of the morning. Don’t be the person that zips your pack as slowly as possible in an effort to be quiet. Please, just do it quick and dirty.

7. Gratitude

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In the end, I remembered to be thankful to be where I was and where I’m planning to go.

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