DAY 26: Why I’m trading SnapChat accounts with Coryn Epps || #StrubSnapSwaps

From Feb. 27 to April 16, Chris Strub will trade his Snapchat account with 50 different Snapchatters from around the globe. Add ChrisStrub on SnapChat to meet them all. During the 50 days, a portion of the proceeds from sales of Chris’s book will go to the nonprofits Chris visited during the #TeamStrub 50-state, 100-day journey. See the full list of NPOs that Chris visited here. On March 23, the nonprofit beneficiary will be The Boys & Girls Club of Cheyenne, Wyo.

Coryn Epps. Abbi. Two of the strongest women on the planet.

Sometimes in life, you come across an extraordinary woman who just changes your world.

On March 23, you’re going to learn more about two of them.

First, Abbi.

In my book, “50 States, 100 Days: The Book,” I detail the stories of the hundreds of people I worked with around the country. I met so, so many people that it’s next to impossible to focus on just one person.

But when you read the book, you’ll see that the person who impacted me the most was Abbi — in quaint Cheyenne, Wyo.

This young woman’s confidence — at age six — blew me away. But at the Boys and Girls Club of Cheyenne, success isn’t just an idea, it’s an inevitability.

You’ll have to read the book for the whole story, but if there’s one individual who changed the course of everything for me — it was Abbi.

Long after my trip ended, in January, I got on an airplane to Phoenix for a road trip to San Francisco. I was heading to Summit Live to meet scores of live-streamers I’d spent months and months chatting with and getting to know.

Little did I know that I’d leave with a new best friend I’d never even heard of.

That was Coryn Epps.

I’d wrapped up the social good panel, with other kind-hearted streamers from around the globe, and was milling nervously in the lobby when I was approached by a strikingly fit, dark-haired angel with a billion-dollar smile.


In a matter of moments, she overwhelmed me with kindness, expressing her appreciation for the few words I’d offered on stage minutes earlier.

I knew nothing about her, but in the months since Summit Live wrapped up, we’ve certainly gotten to know each other much better.

You might follow a handful of inspirational people on Snapchat, but rarely is your very first interaction with a role model an eye-to-eye chat. That was exactly the blessing I received that afternoon at the Park Central hotel, and of the thousands of people you meet in life, Coryn was definitely one whose friendship I knew I’d value forever.

Tune in to her Snapchat at any given moment and prepare to be moved by her superb energy. Her formula of eating clean, working out hard and prioritizing her faith make her an unstoppable alpha female — and we’re all blessed to be a part of her network.

On March 23, it’s a superwoman double-whammy. #StrubSnapSwaps adds the wonderful corynepps to an already awesome lineup — and I’ll be dusting off my memories of meeting the future “first girl President,” Abbi, of Cheyenne, Wyo.

Can’t wait.

Coryn Epps is an angel, and one of my favorite people I’ve ever met. Get to know her!