DAY 25: Why I’m trading SnapChat accounts with Geoff Golberg || #StrubSnapSwaps

From Feb. 27 to April 16, Chris Strub will trade his Snapchat account with 50 different Snapchatters from around the globe. Add ChrisStrub on SnapChat to meet them all. During the 50 days, a portion of the proceeds from sales of Chris’s book will go to the nonprofits Chris visited during the #TeamStrub 50-state, 100-day journey. See the full list of NPOs that Chris visited here. On March 22, the nonprofit beneficiary will be Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Black Hills in Rapid City, S.D.

Meet Shorty Awards nominee Geoff Golberg on my Snapchat account on March 26.

The most connected man on Periscope, and the de facto face of New York City, has finally joined Snapchat.

Geoff will hate being coined “the face of New York City,” but for hundreds of thousands of people around the world, he is just that: the eyes and ears through which they experience the Big Apple daily.

Geoff will be the first to admit he prefers to be off-camera, and that the world around him is of much greater interest to his tens of thousands of Periscope followers.

But the fact is, Geoff’s success is much more a testament to his character than his tactical approach. For all the time that Geoff spends broadcasting on various channels, he spends even more time both watching and learning from others, and carefully plotting and analyzing data that allows him to constantly refine his efforts.

And when you look at the business of social networking, nobody works harder than Geoff Golberg. I personally credit much of my own success to Geoff Golberg — both from picking up his listen-first philosophy, and directly seeking his advice when necessary.

Geoff’s encyclopaedic network is both broad and deep, an absolute treasure chest in a world where identifying talent is a business of its own.

Personally, I’ve made some of my strongest friendships through Geoff Golberg, including my brother-from-another-mother Dotan Negrin, and the overwhelmingly inspirational Jenny Inspired. In fact, one of the biggest missteps in my livestreaming career was failing to heed Geoff’s advice, of shifting my efforts from Meerkat to Periscope midway through my trip.

I’ve had the chance to hang with Geoff twice — once on a rooftop in Manhattan, and once at the Park Summit Hotel in San Francisco for Summit.Live. Geoff is certainly no stranger to the vast array of live-streamers around the world, and he goes out of his way to develop real-life relationships with as many socially savvy individuals as possible.

Days 25 and 26 are a genuine 1–2 punch in terms of the nicest, realest guys you’ll ever find on social media. Collaborating with Ben Phillips is an incredible honor on its own, and to follow it up by swapping Snapchat accounts with Geoff is tremendously humbling.

I like to write, tongue in cheek, that I’ll introduce the world to each Snapper, but in fact, Geoff is about a million steps ahead of me. I couldn’t be happier to hand the keys over to one of the very best guys in the business, Geoff Golberg.

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