DAY 33: Why I’m trading SnapChat accounts with Christin Kardos || #StrubSnapSwaps

From Feb. 27 to April 16, Chris Strub will trade his Snapchat account with 50 different Snapchatters from around the globe. Add ChrisStrub on SnapChat to meet them all. During the 50 days, a portion of the proceeds from sales of Chris’s book will go to the nonprofits Chris visited during the #TeamStrub 50-state, 100-day journey. See the full list of NPOs that Chris visited here. On March 30, the nonprofit beneficiary will be Heart of Illinois Big Brothers Big Sisters in Peoria, Ill.

Every day should be Community Manager Appreciation Day.

I have written at length about my adoration for the work done by Brian Fanzo @iSocialFanz. I find myself referencing his work, his philosophies, his idioms over and over again throughout this exhaustive series of Medium blog posts.

And as fun as that might be to Brian himself, there’s another person out there who I bet is just as excited: Christin Jones Kardos.

Her Medium profile coins herself a “Digital Cheerleader,” an innovative way to phrase the concept of a community manager.

And as hard as Brian works to share his messages with the world, it is often the very hard work done behind the scenes by Christin that makes it all possible.

Often times, Christin prefers to stay behind the scenes, and to her, as with most great community managers, that’s perfectly cool!

But on March 30, I can’t wait to highlight Christin for the terrific young woman that she is, and all the great things that she herself is about.

January 25 was #CMAD — or Community Manager Appreciation Day. I’m deeming March 30 #CKAD — Christin Kardos Appreciation Day.

The community that surrounds the man we know as iSocialFanz is a huge credit to the very hard work that Christin has put in to develop it. When Brian found himself nominated for Periscoper of the Year, that recognition is a huge credit to the work that Christin has done.

When Jay Baer’s book skyrockets to the top of the charts, again — another testament to the hard work done behind the scenes by guess who: Christin Kardos.

And when I find myself having meaningful, deep conversations with friends (and Brian fanz) like Jana Francis and Joe Wilson, I recognize that the shared interest we have is being part of a community largely built by Christin Kardos.

In a world where community is everything, Brian and Jay are fortunate enough — and smart enough — to work with the best community manager in the business.

Christin, on March 30, happy #CKAD. I can’t wait for my friends to meet you!

Happy #CKAD!