DAY 34: Why I’m trading SnapChat accounts with Frameable Faces || #StrubSnapSwaps

From Feb. 27 to April 16, Chris Strub will trade his Snapchat account with 50 different Snapchatters from around the globe. Add ChrisStrub on SnapChat to meet them all. During the 50 days, a portion of the proceeds from sales of Chris’s book will go to the nonprofits Chris visited during the #TeamStrub 50-state, 100-day journey. See the full list of NPOs that Chris visited here. On March 31, the nonprofit beneficiary will be Impression 5 Science Center in Lansing, Mich.

Want to learn how social business should be done? Tune in March 31.

Doug and Ally Cohen are one of the most adorable couples in social media.

I had the honor and pleasure of meeting these two wonderful Michiganders — Michigandians? Michiganians? — at Summit.Live in San Francisco in January.

I hadn’t seen much of their streams before the event, but the moment I met these two, I knew we’d make great friends.

Doug and Ally took part in the social business panel, which also included Victoria Taylor, Sam Martin and Jana Francis, and was moderated by the brilliant Chocolate Johnny.

What do all of these savvy entrepreneuers have in common?

They’re all exceptionally, incredibly nice people.

They’re likeable. They’ll have a conversation with you. They’ll get to know you, and truly care about you as a person.

This, my friends, is what business should be about. I don’t know about you, but I like working with great people. I love spreading the word about people who genuinely care. That’s the essence of customer service; it’s the essence of social selling; heck, it’s the essence of being a good person in general.

In social media, it’s perfectly okay to have something to sell. It’s perfectly fine to be a businessperson, and want to use social media to spread the word about your business.

But the reason @Ryan_A_Bell and the Summit Live crew identified this group of people, and specifically Doug and Ally, to represent social businesses worldwide is because they are, at their core, truly good people, who can put themselves in the shoes of a customer and realize they don’t want or need to be sold to all the time.

On March 31, meet Doug and Ally. Tune in to their channel to hear me chat about Impression 5 Science Center, one of the gems of downtown Lansing. And have some fun! These two are an absolute treat every time you catch them, and I guarantee 3/31 will be no different.

These guys give Michigan a good name.