Today, the next Elvis was born.

No, not that Elvis — he’s been dead since 1977.

Today, I’d like to introduce to you the new Elvis.

His name is Dotan Negrin, but as most of us are in 2016, he’s better known as @PianoAround.

For those of us who know him, Dotan is already a megastar. Five years ago, Dotan found himself unsatisfied with his job, and decided that, instead, he’d travel the world with his piano, making spontaneously beautiful music for anyone interested enough to listen.

Since beginning his journey, Dotan has performed in over 300 cities in 20 countries. He’s traveled over 50,000 miles, the last 2,000 or so over the last week, as he and his lovely girlfriend, Fallon, have road-tripped from New York City all the way to Las Vegas.

Next weekend, Dotan will take the stage at Periscope Summit in San Francisco in front of a live crowd of hundreds, and assuredly, a worldwide crowd of tens of thousands.

But today, on Elvis’s birthday — Jan. 8, of course — Dotan and Fallon paused their cross-country excursion for a special, intimate performance: for a small group of “OVIP’s” at Opportunity Village in Las Vegas.

The acoustics of the show were nothing to write home about: Dotan on the piano, accompanied by four or five percussionists and a brave, courageous vocalist.

But by using Periscope — a simple click of a button — Dotan and Fallon invited the world to experience this magical performance right along with them — LIVE.

I honestly believe that today, we watched a man in position to become as popular, if not more popular, than Elvis, in the years to come — a journey paved by live-streaming technology, but genuinely made possible by the rare convergence of talent, determinaton and heart.

“I’ve never seen anything like this in my entire life. Really mind-blowing,” Dotan says of Opportunity Village at the end of his stream.

At Periscope Summit next week, millions of eyeballs will be on Dotan as he takes the stage — but not before this man had the heart to bring his gift to Opportunity Village — the same organization that was famously beloved by Elvis himself.

Mind-blowing, indeed.

— — — — — — — —

You can read more about Dotan Negrin and contact him with sponsorship opportunities through his website, You can read more about Opportunity Village, and donate to this incredible program, at You can see my interviews at Opportunity Village, as part of the #TeamStrub journey, at and You can read about my experience at Opportunity Village in my book, “50 States, 100 Days: The Book.

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