12 Days of Reload: Day 10

Master Class

Day 1o, that’s double digits! But it also means I’ve only got two more days left as an intern at Reload Consulting. I’ll be sad to see this internship end but I’m so grateful for the opportunity. To all you faithful readers, thanks for sticking around with me. But enough about that, let’s get to the good stuff!

Arriving at the office I was greeted by Reload’s Managing Director Llew Jury and informed (to my delight) that I’d be heading out with him and one of Reload Consulting’s finest, Sahlia to a client meeting. From what I understand, this isn’t a regular occurrence for interns, so I was well aware how great an opportunity this was. Moments later, we piled into Llew’s car and headed off to the client’s office across town. As we drove, Llew spoke about company culture and management styles — something that he has instilled fantastically at Reload. He recommended some great books and discussed the impact of leadership on staff morale and productivity. This was my first real interaction with Llew aside from briefly meeting around the office and I became immediately aware of his wealth of knowledge. We spoke some more about sustainable business practices and leadership during the trip and soon arrived at our destination.

Once we kicked off our meeting with the clients, it was all guns blazing — in a good way. The client is developing a new product and they’ve brought Reload on board as business consultants during the pre-launch phase. Llew began the session by asking the team to identify goals and their approach to resource allocation for the project. While meant only to be an introduction, these topics became the central focus for most of the session. Sahlia had prepared some discussion points for more specific marketing strategy, but as sometimes happens, that agenda went out the window for this session. I had the pleasure of being scribe for the duration of the meeting and furiously scribbled down notes in my best possible handwriting. The great thing about being scribe is that it forces you to pay complete attention at all times. As an intern this is perfect, because I’m there to learn. And learn I did!

My lessons from attending this client session were twofold. Firstly, I picked up a heap of great lessons regarding business and marketing strategy and secondly, I learnt a great deal about communication and problem solving by observing Llew and Sahlia interact with the clients. I was greatly impressed by the ability of these two to problem solve on the spot. These meetings are a real ‘think on your feet’ kind of experience and watching Llew answer some curly questions from the MD with the greatest of ease was like watching a master at work. As I’m just starting out on my own career in this industry it was great to see the kind of expertise that one can become equipped with over the years. I’ve got a lot to learn and it’s great to have the bar set so high by experiences like this and pretty much the whole Reload internship thus far!

Another great day at Reload!