12 Days of Reload: Day 3.

Day 3, my how quickly you arrived!
The day started off with the beautiful sounds of the rare Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) EP “Hazletons” gently accompanying me on my commute. I strongly recommend you track this EP down if you’re remotely into Bon Iver. It’s not available via the normal channels though, so you’ll need to do some digging. Anyway, this isn’t a music blog, as much as I’m into that idea!

It was a unique Tuesday at Reload in that it was the first day back after a long weekend, so I got to experience what would normally be the Monday morning WIP (work in progress) meetings. Firstly, a quick rundown with the consulting team in which the agenda for the week and and progress of current projects were discussed. Then it was into the common area for the full Reload team meeting. We heard stories from the various global Reload teams as well as some brief company news updates. Most importantly though was the celebration of “wins” — the various successes of the team over the last week or so. I loved seeing people’s achievements publicly recognised and celebrated by the team, it really speaks volumes about the culture that is in place at Reload!

Being my third week I am now starting to see projects I am assisting with progress through the development phases, something I was really looking forward to. I was fortunate enough to be assigned to some more social media strategy development for a client project I worked on during my first day and was amazed at just how much the team had developed it since then. Actually, amazed is an understatement — overwhelmed might be more accurate. I was asked to work on social media channel tactics for the proposal and soon felt a little out of my depth. The goal here was to get my head around the project and the numerous additions to the strategy while simultaneously learning the finer points of content, community management and outreach strategies. To be completely honest , I found this quite challenging and really wished I was able to get a grasp on things a lot quicker. Essentially I felt like a total newbie, but that’s what interning is all about I guess!

In the afternoon we switched things up for a little while and revisited the information architecture proposal that I worked on last week. I got some positive feedback on my initial work and then we looked at how this had been developed further following discussions with the client. It had changed slightly but still looked very similar to what I had put together. In reviewing this we discussed some of the considerations that come into play when developing IAs and how quickly they can become exceedingly complex. We also talked about how this IA will now be developed into a fully fledged website wireframe and the greater degree of detail that will be given to the project as part of that process. My hat goes off to the team for the way in which they are able to interpret both business and customer goals and make solid recommendations for site usability.

To finish the day, it was back to the social media strategy proposal. While developing some tactics for one of the social platforms I identified a key strategic issue that needed to be addressed. I thought it would be best to bring this up with the team and after some good discussion and problem solving we were able to find a workable solution. As the problem was quite unique it actually raised some considerations for future projects which I think will be of value if a similar situation arises. Always good to uncover some new ground!

To sum up Day 3, I’d say it was a tough one, but that’s par for the course when you’re a newbie. I’m once again grateful to be given real work by team and I know I will have learnt a bunch of valuable lessons by the time I reach week 12!

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