Tonight I’m announcing my intention to run for Governor in 2020.

Over the past few weeks, Valerie and I have taken a deep look at how my path of public service can best help New Hampshire families. Nothing is more critical to our state’s future than ensuring strong leadership in the Corner Office and saving our New Hampshire Advantage.

We are getting the job done…more people are working today in New Hampshire than at any time in history. We have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation and wages are at an all time high.

I truly appreciate the enthusiastic encouragement from so many that I run for the United States Senate. We all know that I would defeat Jeanne Shaheen, but others can too. Never before has a sitting twelve year Senator from New Hampshire accomplished so little.

What is also clear is that the Democrat’s agenda in New Hampshire has become more radical than any of us ever believed possible. This is highlighted by the fact that the Democrats in Concord, for the first time in history, put an income tax bill on the Governor’s desk. We stood up for New Hampshire citizens and vetoed that bill, but more Washington, DC extremism is on its way.

And I hope you will continue to stand with me.

Valerie and I are forever grateful for your friendship and support. Please stay in touch and thank you for your help!