Disney Letter

Christopher Tripi

16757 Dunswood Rd

Northville, MI 48168

April 13, 2017

The Walt Disney Company

500 S Buenas Vista St

Burbank, CA 91521

Dear Bob Iger,

This semester I took a class that changed the way I see digital content on the Internet. That class was Advertising 420 New Media Driver’s License. This class focused on digital marketing and how to use it effectively. At the start of this class we are tasked with picking one company and monitoring their social media platforms for a few months. The goal was to determine what that company was doing good and what they weren’t doing so well with. I choose Disney because of the connection I’ve had with you since I was a little kid. From going to the parks to watching the movies/TV shows it was a no brainer picking your company. Disney is the leader in entertainment and will be for a very long time. I see a bright future with the impact you’ve made in the world. I would hope one day to work for a company like yours.

This semester I was tasked with monitoring every social media platform you operate on: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. There were many aspects I had to monitor which you did quite well on and others you didn’t. The topics I covered included: Social media marketing, website, online advertising, inbound marketing and mobile apps. It was fascinating after reading our lesson plans how I could see what worked and what didn’t work. I wrote many analysis’s of how well you did on each subject and overall you did quite well. With all that said it’s not all happy and pretty. I did have one major problem with how your website was designed and utilized.

So lets get down to business. As soon as I entered your site I could tell there was a problem. When you open the page you are greeted with a navigation bar on top that includes all the sections of the website which is fundamental for any working website and a headline and copy which shows the main areas of focus for Disney. Ok so that what was good about the website. I figured that would be it for the home page but boy was I wrong. It took me a full 10 seconds to scroll from the top all the way to the bottom. As I scrolled and scrolled I quickly understood what was wrong. The website is more of a store to buy things than anything else; a section for books, games, quizzes, videos, posts, apps, special offers and a big section for selling toys to kids. This is all unnecessary for a home page. The point of a home page is to show the visitor what your company is about, provide important information about new products/events and ease of use. I want to be able to find my information quickly and easily and that is not so with the current state of this website. All of the information posted on your home page is found in the navigation bar sections located on the top of the page. To increase the amount of people that stay on your site I would revise the home page to emphasize the important topics and issues your company has. Cutting back on the clutter will ease the visitors experience and ultimately keep them on your site longer. Another important topic I had concern about was how some of the sections in the navigation bar take you to a different website entirely. This was very confusing to me and I’m sure to other people as well. Keeping your information all on one site would be easier to maintain as well as keeping it easy for the visitor to use. These are all issues I would look to address as soon as possible to increase the amount of traffic and ultimately purchases people make. I experienced the same type of problem on the mobile site. When I entered I noticed that it is does have a responsive design but it has the same amount of clutter that the desktop version has. Which can easily be cleaned up by cutting down the clutter and putting that information in the appropriate sections. I saw no problems with how you utilized SEOs and the importance of selecting the right keywords.

These areas of concern are easily fixable and if done right will draw more attention to your website and increase the amount of money you make each day. The key for today’s society is ease of use and how quickly it can get done. Right now that is something Disney.com is lacking but I know with a few changes you will be right back on track. I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to monitor your company and see how you run all of your various forms of social media and look forward to all you achieve in the future.

Sincerely yours,

Christopher Tripi

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