Demo Day App

Demo Day is the final day of The Iron Yard program, where all students showcase the App they we have built. Everyone hopes that a tech company in the area will notice their talent or like their idea and offer them a job.

For Demo Day, I am building a Batman vs The Riddler Game. The premise is that Batman investigates different areas of Gotham City after a crime, and The Riddler has left a trivia question or riddle at each location. Batman has to solve the questions in order to catch The Riddler. Fail to solve enough riddles, and The Riddler escapes.

Today we presented our MVP, or minimal viable product to the instructors and the class. I still have a bug or two to work out because my questions aren’t randomized coming in from the API, so the user always gets the same ones. Apart from that, things are going very well. Building this App has been very fun so far, and I’m looking forward to finishing it up and presenting it.