The first group project

Today is Monday, August 22, and it feels like I never left code school for the weekend. We had our first group project assigned on Thursday, and we didn’t put the finishing touches on it until last night. Luckily the due date wasn’t until last night at midnight. The group project presented new challenges that our class hadn’t encountered yet. We had to figure out how to create git branches and do merges with the master branch once our changes had been tested.

My group chose to do a Marvel website, so we used data from Marvel’s API to create character lists with profiles for ten heroes and ten villains. The last component was a fight component, where we assigned an arch enemy to each character and had them fight with Math.random to determine a winner.

With different group members at different stages of their JavaScript learning curve, it was also challenging to assign everyone tasks that they could carry out without anyone feeling like they didn’t contribute enough. I created the mockup and converted each screen state into components using React. I also did some coding for setState() changes using onClick. We had to pass down props for each character so that the correct data was available whenever we switched to a new screen.

Another challenge was using the API from Marvel. Honestly, Marvel doesn’t have a very good API for their website given the limited amount of data they have made available. Half of the characters, including many fan favorites, didn’t even have descriptions, and Magneto’s picture looks like R2D2. Hitting the limit for requests from the API also caused us to have to swap our API keys in and out every so often for the whole weekend.

Overall, the Marvel project was my favorite of the cohort. Everyone had a lot of fun putting this site together.