Are YOU Milking It???

Okay, we’re all guilty of this at least once. Rephrase, at least like a million times, unless you’re perfect. You’re crying that you had a bad day. Did you really have a bad day? Or was it a suck 5 minutes that you milked all day? Oh no, not another freaking drama llama ding dong.,.. Are YOU Milking It???

Ohhhhhhhhh, WAH WAH WAH!!!! Poor freaking you!!! Dude, knock off the bullshit, pull up your big girl panties and suck it the hell up!!!

Listen, give me a break. Stuff happens. When it happens, if you deal with it right away, it goes away right away. Why the hell would you carry all of that bad juju with you all freaking day long? And then, I could bet money, you’re moaning to everybody and their mother that will listen about it. Don’t you realize, that by doing that you’re reliving the same thing over and over, telling that story 15 more times throughout the day?

Are YOU Milking It?

Sorry, Miss Thang, that’s not the way a real woman handles things. It’s called you sit up straight, stick that chin up and carry the hell on! Confront whatever the hell the problem is, and put it behind you! Moan about it all day, putting it off till tomorrow, you know what happens? You wake up the next morning, and guess what? It’s still freaking there waiting for you!!! So then what, waste another day crying me a river? GET OVER IT!!! Suck it up, deal with it, and put it away. Don’t give it one second more of your energy. Use the old 5 year rule; will any of it matter in five years? I mean seriously, will it? Again, just deal with it and make it go away.

Don’t waste the rest of your day, or the rest of your week moaning over something that you can’t control. And if you can’t control it? Well, you can’t control it! You have to accept it and walk away. Trust me, I spent years making myself sick over things I had absolutely no control over, worrying myself sick every stinking day. If you have no control, you have to let it go, or like we used to say in grade school, give it up to God. There’s a bigger plan. Trust in it. But for crying out loud, no more milking it!