The right way to start a company
Sam Gerstenzang

Thought provoking article. Having started a few businesses (many failed, two succeeded) I always wonder when I’m struggling if I’m closer to success than I think or I’m lying to myself. It’s such a difficult line for me to draw.

I’ve had several business that I sold out of too soon which flourished. Then I realize they may never have flourished under me because I would never have put in the time and effort necessary to make them successful. My heart wasn’t into it. I wasn’t willing to sacrifice for the business.

I think the same type of thinking can be applied to relationships as well. I’m bad at cutting off relationships in general. Even when they are toxic to me. I want to prove I can make things work because I’ve walked away too soon in the past.

Cutting the cord and moving on is one of the hardest things for me. I hate starting over, but I love starting over.

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